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Why Quality Matters in Hemp Products

As the hemp industry grows, a diverse selection of hemp products is appearing on store shelves nationwide. With ongoing revelations about this remarkable plant, the variety of goods keeps expanding. Yet, for numerous consumers, whether novices or seasoned aficionados, locating a top-tier product can seem akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

Thankfully, there are tactics shoppers can utilize to secure the products they seek while mitigating the chance of picking a subpar one. Here are some approaches to ensure you obtain a premium product:

Does the Product Have a COA?

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document that provides third-party testing results from a certified laboratory. It includes crucial details about hemp-based products, including:

  • THC potency
  • Cannabinoids present in the product
  • Presence of contaminants
  • Production and/or testing dates
  • Presence of pesticides, herbicides, molds, etc.

According to the law, every hemp product must be accompanied by a COA. This requirement not only ensures quality control but also confirms that the product complies with federal and state regulations.

Read the Reviews

Taking the time to thoroughly read product reviews before buying can be a smart move that yields benefits in the long run, saving both time and money. Businesses that value honesty and transparency actively encourage customer feedback, providing valuable insights for prospective buyers. By exploring reviews, newcomers gain valuable perspectives on what they can anticipate from the products they’re interested in.

Similar to the valuable insights found in a Certificate of Analysis (COA), product reviews offer a wealth of information. This encompasses:

  • How the individual felt after using a product
  • Any side effects an individual felt from a product, whether they be good or bad.
  • What an individual liked or disliked about a product.

What Educational Information Does the Brand Provide?

Ensuring that customers know how to utilize a brand’s top-tier products is essential for delivering the experience they merit, even if those products are the best in the market. This underscores the significance of investing in customer education for any reputable brand.

The strategy for fostering education may differ depending on variables such as the target audience, product range, and business framework. Nevertheless, key avenues for accessing informative and educational materials include:

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)
  • A blog on the brand’s website
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts

What Contact Information Does the Brand Provide?

Reputable brands prioritize accessibility, making sure they’re readily available to address customer inquiries or concerns, fostering trust and strengthening the relationship between customers and the brand.

Common approaches brands use to provide contact information include:

  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Live Chat

Contact information types can vary from brand to brand, similar to educational content. However, the quality brands want to ensure that their shoppers can contact them easily and quickly.

How do Brands Use AI?

Regardless of your opinion on artificial intelligence, it’s here to stay and is actively being utilized. For shoppers, the key focus should be on how AI is being employed, rather than whether it’s being used at all. When it comes to hemp-based product marketing, consider asking the following questions:

  • Is AI being used to enhance the consumer experience or is it being used as a quick replacement for quality content?
  • Are brands using visual AI images as a replacement for real photos?
  • Do any AI images used violate any copyright laws?

Quality brands will be selective about how they use AI. Vice Versa, fly-by-night brands may use it to appear transparent while still falling short.

The Bottom Line

Exploring the wide range of hemp-based products might seem overwhelming, especially for experienced shoppers. However, utilizing the previously mentioned tools can streamline the process, saving time, money, and reducing stress. By integrating these quality assurance techniques into your search, you set the stage for a gratifying shopping experience.