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Zen Master HHC Caramels





 5 count

Serving Size:
 1/2 to 1 caramel

Servings Per Container:
5 – 10

 20mg per caramel
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These HHC Caramels are packed with 20mg of HHC. The first release of this product is for the 5 count caramel pack. This comes in a professional Calyx Container with a rubber seal on the top for long-term storage and child-resistant mechanisms. Nanotechnology is used in this form of HHC which is a very tedious and detailed process that requires keeping the temperature down to maintain the stability of HHC. While it took a while to get there we were able to come up with a full solution to Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). This is for more experienced users and will definitely provide a psychoactive experience, we recommend trying 1/2 a caramel first until you’re used to it and know your tolerance levels. We will be releasing 20 counts and 50 counts in the next week.


5 count